Our values

Amour Sud is a little firm offering consciously handmade rugs, cushions and poufs.
We value local traditions, handmade and sustainable materials.
Our head office is located in Marbella, in southern Spain.
And our products are handmade 200km from here, in a little village, by local artisans.
It is very important to understand that each piece is unique and that the colors may be different depending on the colors we have at the workshop.
What does it mean?
Here an example: A clothing brand launches its new collection with a flashy pink jacket. At the end of its production, the brand still has cotton thread spools of pink but don't need it anymore...We then collect it and turn it into sublime rugs... so each creation is made according to the colors we receive.

Good to know:  All our products can be washed in a washing machine at home, with a 30 degrees cycle!