Home Spray - Orange blossom


Aromatic and fresh orange blossom home spray - 100 ml 

Properties:  Just a couple of applications in the environment to fill a whole room with fragrance. It is advisable to spray on home textile accessories avoiding painted or varnished surfaces. 

Indications: Keep away from eyes and mucous membranes.

Cruelty free


Every year, of the 25,000 orange trees in the city of Seville, only a small portion is used to make jams. The rest is collected so that it does not litter the streets. Benditaluz is committed to the recovery of this natural resource and its transformation into a high-quality cosmetic product, naturally produced and highly effective. Cosmetics that guarantee, with daily use, healthy, strong and beautiful skin. Products that respect the environment throughout the entire production process.


ethanol, parfum, linalool, benzyl alcohol, hexyl cinnamal; hydroxycitronellal